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Field Guide No. 20
Featuring Erika Knight
Coming March 4!

For Field Guide No. 20: Atlas, Erika Knight gives us five beautiful pieces that will become lifelong companions. Sublime simplicity shines in every design.

Be the first on your block to collect all of the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guides — the series that is captivating knitters everywhere. Little books that explore the big world of knitting! 

These little books, published every few months, are created by a dream team, led by legendary editor of beautiful craft books, Melanie Falick.  Each volume contains a small, choice collection of patterns by a favorite designer. From the making of the samples by expert knitters all over the country but especially in Virginia, to the styling and photography by world-class talents in California, to our own search for words that we hope will cheer, enlighten, and do justice to the designers’ vision—it’s a labor of love, and a team effort.

~by Kay Gardiner, Ann Shayne

  • No. 19: Marls

    What happens when we knit with multiple strands of yarn at once? Five artful patterns introduce us to the concept of marling and set us on a gorgeous exploration of texture and color. Wherever Cecelia Campochiaro leads, we are eager to follow.

  • No. 18: Beginnings
    Designer Karida Collins makes it all so simple. The mission? A collection of designs so elemental, so distilled, that every knitter can make them. Whether you’re new to knitting or a seasoned veteran, these six patterns will make you very happy. Let’s begin again, with these artful, modern, clever—and easy—projects.

  • No. 17: Lopi 
    Five fast designs! A new season brings us the colorful imagination of Mary Jane Mucklestone and a gigantic palette of Léttlopi yarn.

  • No. 16: Painterly. 
    Kaffe Fassett to the rescue! For knitters used to working only stranded colorwork, the beloved master of color and pattern offers an introduction to rhythmic, geometric intarsia. A collection of 5 designs to dazzle and amuse!

  • No. 15: Open
    Modern lace. From the playful imagination of Jeanette Sloan come 5 gorgeous patterns that explore the magical effects of lace.

  • No. 14: Refresh
    A welcome breeze of clean, fresh designs from Carol Feller, the Irish designer whose work we have loved for many years.

  • No. 13: Master Class
    Kaffe Fassett brings us the most exhilarating knitting we know. We believe you are about to fall in love.

  • No. 12: Big Joy
    Superchunky, super fast, these 5 modern designs from Jen Geigley are what gift knitting is all about. 

  • No. 11: Wanderlust
    Consider this the only book of sock patterns you'll ever need. The essential introduction to one of knitting's greatest pleasures: the handknit sock. Designer: Wendy Bernard.

  • No. 10: Downtown
    Three new designs that capture the cool, wearable vibe of Isabell Kraemer.

  • No. 9: Revolution
    A new order of knitting, from the mind of revolutionary cable innovator Norah Gaughan.

  • No. 8: Merry Making
    From Thea Colman, five clever designs for a quick present—or a pile of them. 

  • No. 7: Ease
    Let the sun shine with Julia Farwell-Clay's summery, carry-along designs.

  • No. 6: Transparency
    Lighten up your knitting with a blast of fresh air—four beautiful patterns by Amy Christoffers.

  • No. 5: Sequences
    Pure joy. Beautiful knit and purl patterns, exploring Cecelia Campochiara's brilliant idea, sequence knitting. 

  • No. 4: Log Cabin
    Our concise guide to a simple, limitless way to knit. With 3 clever patterns. Patterns by Kay Gardiner, Ann Weaver. 

  • No. 3: Wild Yarns
    A love affair with the most colorful yarns. Patterns by Kirsten Kapur, Sue McCain, Dianna Walla. 

  • No. 2: Fair Isle
    Ease your way into color work. Patterns by Véronik Avery, Ann Budd, Michèle Rose Orne. 

  • No. 1: Stripes
    A stripe for every knitter. Patterns by Mary Jane Mucklestone, Antonia Shankland, Ann Weaver. 


 Images courtesy of Modern Daily Knitting

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