Finally, a wool-free sock yarn! Yarn lovers and and the lucky people they knit/crochet for have long clamored for a wool-free sock yarn, something that wouldn’t irritate or overheat.

Meet Cobasi, a blend of cotton, viscose from bamboo, and silk that also has a generous amount of elastic nylon. It comes in 50 gram hanks and a wide range of colors, making it a perfect candidate for warm weather colorwork.

Soft and machine washable, this will also be a go-to for hardy baby garments. The possibilities are thrilling, so get some Cobasi and cast on!

• 55% Cotton, 16% Viscose from Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Elastic Nylon
• 220 yards per 50 gram skein
• US 1-4 needles
• 2.5-3.5 mm needles
• 6.5-8 sts per inch

Note: A basic woman's sock uses approximately 400 yards for an average-sized foot.


Images courtesy of Skacel Collection, Inc

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