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Color: Blush Happy
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These kits include 5 mini skeins of Knit Collage's wonderful Wildflower yarn...try 5 different colors at once without having to commit to 5 whole skeins! This is a fantastic way to give this yarn and all the colors it comes in a test spin and see which ones resonate best with you. These kits are ideal for weavers who might prefer a bundle of yarns in smaller yardages where the colors all work well together. We offer 3 color options: Blush Happy, Into the Woods and Sweet Dreams. They're tied together with pretty, embellished ribbons from Amy's travels to India.

Kit includes: 5 mini skeins of Wildflower ~ 100% cotton ~ 17 yards per mini skein

Kit color details:

  • Blush Happy: Petal, Tribal, Sienna, Sierra Redwood, Beatnik
  • Into the Woods: Dakota Woods, Petal, Sierra Redwood, Dusty Fleur, Wisteria
  • Sweet Dreams: Reflection Pool, Wallflower, Cornflower, Dusty Fleur, Wisteria


 Images courtesy of Knit Collage

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