The Shawl Project, Book Four (crochet)



by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project

In this book, authors Joanne and Kat of The Crochet Project share their love of shawls with five new designs and show you the secrets of shaping them.

The authors have always loved the look of gradient yarns, which are becoming as popular with commercial yarn companies as they are with our beloved indies! Now seems a great time to celebrate them in a book of designs that show them off to their fullest.

Gradients are great for making bold, colourful shawls without having lots of ends to sew in. The colour changes do the work for you so they work well with nice simple designs. With gradient yarns it is all about showing the direction of the work and all of these shawls use different shapings to send the rays of colour off in different directions.

This book uses standard UK crochet terminology throughout. Translations to US terminology are given in the abbreviations sections.


Images courtesy of Fyberspates, Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin.

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