Handmade Stitch Markers



Jillian, founder and owner of WeeOnes, hand sculpts these polymer clay stitch markers in the shape of miniature animals, flowers, and food.

She has even created a custom set for us here at Stars Hollow Yarns, inspired by the beloved Gilmore Girls series, which includes four handcrafted markers:

  • Coffee cup ("Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!")
  • Cheeseburger ("...two coffees and a rant meal, please. Extra cheese.")
  • Snowman (not Bjork, not a ringer....just a sweet little snowman)
  • Paul Anka, the dog (a custom design created by Jillian just for us, to resemble his namesake from Gilmore Girls)

All items are made in a smoke-free (miniature Australian Shepherd inhabited) house in Providence, Rhode Island.


Images courtesy of WeeOnes.

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