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These adorable Snowflake Ornaments will add some stitching inspired flair to your Christmas Tree!  Snowflake Ornaments make a great handmade gift; gift one to a crafty friend or keep them both for yourself! The holes in each ornament are left un-stitched so you can embroider the details using a needle and yarn or embroidery floss. The possibilities for how to adorn your snowflakes are limitless.  

These are available both as Ornament Blanks and as an Ornament Kit.  

If you are purchasing the Blank only, your purchase includes one pair of un-stitched snowflakes and a 7" length of cotton cord to use for hanging your ornament.  A size 24 or 26 tapestry needle and embroidery thread are recommended for stitching these ornaments and are not included in the purchase of the Snowflake Ornament Blank.  

The Snowflake Ornament Kit includes one pair of un-stitched snowflake, a 7" length of cotton cord to use for hanging your ornament, a size 24 tapestry needle, a round piece of felt for covering the stitches on the back of each ornament and one bobbin of white embroidery floss.

If you are purchasing the blank and would like to hide the back of your ornament, it can easily be covered with a pretty piece of paper or a fabric such as felt when you're finished working on the stitching.  

Katrinkles laser cuts each ornament out of birch plywood in their studio in Providence, RI.  Each piece is then hand-sanded and finished individually. These ornaments measure approximately 2" x 1/8".  

Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each ornament may slightly vary.

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