Removable Hand Printed Art Panels

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These button-on art panels from Fibres of Life add creativity and unlimited adaptability to their tote bags and are standout signature pieces. You will fall in love with all of the possibilities and never tire of your bag long term, because of the creative process of designing your own unique bag. Don't fancy yourself a creative type? Struggle with the choices? Ask our staff for their recommendations!

If you have a specific preference for color or style (e.g., green robin, turquoise yarn ball), please let us know when ordering. Otherwise, we are happy to choose one for you that will complement your bag!

  • Nature Series
  • Handmaker's Series
  • Stitcher's Series
  • Yarn & Such


  • Azo free dyes.
  • Environmentally conscious post-production management of dyes.
  • 16 cm x 25 cm
Fibres of Life
Making Better Products for You
Supporting Social Development through Fair Trade Production
Environmentally Concerned
Preventing and Fighting Child Labour 
Photos courtesy of Fibres of Life.

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