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Issue 7: Release date March 24

With Making Stories Magazine, we strive to feature companies and makers who focus on sustainability, transparency, fairness and equity in their work.

We love telling their stories and hope to inspire and enable crafters to make conscious and informed decisions about the materials they use and companies they support.

In Issue 7, we’re focusing on joy – finding joy in the small and big things in life, in a new discovery or a renewed love, in knowing that even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on sustainability and the planet.

The 12 stunning patterns our designers created all represent something that makes the designer truly happy. They are love letters to a favorite technique, stitch pattern, garment or accessory type, shape, or color – just as the essays we’re so happy to share are love letters to finding joy in stitches and reclaiming what others deem is waste.

Designers featured in this publication:

Bérangère Cailliau, Clara Gleiß, Isabel Ale, Jill Thompson Beach, Marianne Munier, Marina Skua, Marina Storm, Marion Bulin, Marthe Forodden, Tania Dejoie, Tiffany Chen, Victoria Gerasimova. 

Yarn partners:

De Rerum Natura, Ewethful Fiber Farm, Frida Fuchs, Garthenor Organic, Isager, Jamieson & Smith, Kelbourne Woolens, Krea Deluxe, Maison Septembre, Marina Skua, Neighborhood Fiber Co., Soc Una Troca.

Contributions by: 

  • Deborah Stack
  • Kalea Turner-Beckman


  • Approx. 400g
  • 136 completely ad-free pages 
  • Printed on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel certificate) by a local Berlin printer
  • Digital copy download code included. 

Previous issues...

Issue 6 / SKYWARD

Takes a look upward and beyond as a gentle reminder to not forget to look skyward, to see the beauty above, to take a breath of fresh air.

Inspired by everything we see when we take our eyes off the ground – the sky, the clouds, the buildings, the trees, the texture, the light — the 12 knitting patterns inside are complemented by the works of our artists and writers who remind us to stay present and connected, no matter where we are and what we see.


Explores the hidden qualities of plants and nature to shed a light on the essential role they have for us and the planet. The 12 knitwear designs in this issue celebrate nature in all its glorious ways through texture, shape and form – as do the artists and writers who dive deep into the connection between nature and making in their works.


Invites us to take a look at the craft we love and share as a way of challenging the status quo, changing standards that no longer serve us, and, yes, subverting the norm. Accessory and garment patterns inside do just that by introducing us to new techniques, unique construction methods, and brave design inspiration. Stories about body image, size inclusivity, and queer identity, shared by a handful of wonderful authors and illustrators, invite you to sit down, read, and question.

Issue 3 / GROWTH 

Inspired by growth, both in stitch patterns and construction. All of the patterns inside have been selected with an eye towards versatility in wearing, especially in transitional seasons where layering is key. A fantastic conversation among fibre business owners who share their views on business growth and sustainability. Gaye Glasspie (@ggmadeit) dives into what sustainable growth has meant and means for her. Alina Jordan explores the depth of Social Media and how its growth has changed her life as a knitter. Ani Lee opens up about growing to appreciate her body.


Cosy accessories and comfortable garments that are inspired by loving and caring for ourselves, our community and our planet. We’re delighted to share the extraordinary stories and visual art pieces of our contributors with you, from discovering the love for your body to finding the common threads in your communities and having necessary conversations on inclusion and racism.

Issue 1 / CHANGE 

Thoughtful accessories and versatile garments that are designed with change in mind - change in seasons, in the way we work and live, in our choice of materials. We’re proud to be able to share the fantastic work of writers and visual artists with you with pieces that range from disability and knitting to body image, from queering the knitting status quo to what change means for our lives.


Making Stories GmbH is an independent knitwear design publisher based in Berlin. 

Images courtesy of Making Stories magazine. 
Photographer: Melinda Dela Costa

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