Leather Handle Kit



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The Cocoknits Leather Handle Kit provides an easy, no-sew way to add handles to any bag. We also offer the Cocoknits Four Corner bag (sold separately), or you can use the instructions included in the kit to sew your own. The handles can be removed and reinstalled every time you need to wash your bag. Leather is natural, vegetable-tanned.

Kit includes: 

  • 2 leather straps (16"/41 cm × 0.5"/13 mm)
  • 4 leather “washers” (1"/2.5 cm × 0.5"/13 mm)
  • 4 leather cords (2 mm x 5"/12.5 cm)
  • Instructions for attaching to a bag
  • Instructions for sewing your own cloth bag

Care: When bag requires washing, remove leather handles, wash bag and reattach handles.

Bag sold separately.


Images courtesy of Cocoknits.

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