Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World



A New York Times Bestseller

Knitting aficionado and notable artisan Clara Parkes delves into her storied travels with this inspiring and witty memoir on a creative life enriched by her adventures around the world. 

Building on the success of The Yarn Whisperer, Parkes’s rich personal essays invite readers and devoted crafters on excursions to be savored, from a guide who quickly comes to feel like a trusted confidante. In Knitlandia, she takes readers along on 17 of her most memorable journeys across the globe over the last 15 years, with stories spanning from the fjords of Iceland to a cozy yarn shop in Paris’s 13th arrondissement.

Also known for her PBS television appearances and hugely popular line of small-batch handcrafted yarns, Parkes weaves her personal blend of wisdom and humor into this eloquently down-to-earth guide that is part personal travel narrative and part cultural history, touching the heart of what it means to live creatively. Join Parkes as she ventures to locales both foreign and familiar in chapters like: 

  • Chasing a Legend in Taos
  • Glass, Grass, and the Power of Place: Tacoma, Washington
  • A Thing for Socks and a Very Big Plan: Portland, Oregon
  • Autumn on the Hudson: The New York Sheep & Wool Festival
  • Cashmere Dreams and British Breeds: A Last-Minute Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland

Fans of travel writing, as well as knitters, crocheters, designers, and fiber artists alike, will enjoy the masterful narrative in these intimate tales from a life well crafted. Whether you’ve committed to exploring your own wanderlust or are an armchair traveler curled up in your coziest slippers, Knitlandia is sure to inspire laughter, tears, and maybe some travel plans of your own.

"In Knitlandia, Clara Parkes takes us from Taos to Reykjavik and beyond, knitting together stories of unique characters and places and yarn. Parkes is such an engaging guide into this world that by the end of the book you want to grab her by the knitting needles and beg to join her on her next trip." - Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle

"Within the fleeting world of social media, it's rare to find a collection of stories like Clara's in one place, stories that showcase the colorful richness and loving nature of our knitting community. In Knitlandia, her playful nature and eye for detail capture moments that make me enthusiastically proud to be a knitter." - Stephen West, Westknits

"No one but Clara Parkes could have written a book that contains such rich, knowing and sympathetic detail about the knitting world's most beloved gatherings. Based on Clara's previous books, I expected that from her. But Knitlandia has a delicious surprise: its emotional punch. This is a book for everyone who loves not just knitting, but the worldwide knitting community." - Kay Gardiner, Modern Daily Knitting

“A life entwined in yarn might mystify those who don’t knit, but anyone versed in the language of skeins and cables will sigh with envy over Clara Parkes’s new memoir, Knitlandia. Non-knitters will likely skip Parkes’s slender volume, thus missing a fresh view of destinations both exotic and ordinary. But those who pick up a copy for a knitting friend should dip into a chapter or two. They’ll soon wonder how quickly they can learn to wield needles and yarn, fashioning a shawlette or sweater that Clara Parkes would applaud.”-Kathy Blumenstock, The Washington Post


  • Paperback
  • 192 pages

About the Author

Clara Parkes, a celebrated raconteur and highly sought-after teacher, is the author of six books, including The Yarn WhispererThe Knitter's Book of Yarn, The Knitter's Book of Wool, and The Knitter's Book of Socks, as well as the New York Times bestselling Knitlandia. She is also the founder and publisher of, a biweekly e-newsletter that explores the pleasures and subtleties of yarn. Clara has dedicated her life to figuring out what makes yarn tick--and finding the right words to write about it. Through her writings, workshops, and appearances, Clara champions the notion of paying closer attention to what you knit and where it came from. She lives in Portland, Maine.


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