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Kitchener Sock Fob

Kitchener Sock Fob


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Do you ever need help remembering how to work the kitchener stitch on the toe of a sock? Well this handy little tool is just what you need! A little chain will attach this wooden sock to a knitting bag or keychain so it's always easy to find!

Handmade in Rhode Island by Katy Westcott of Katrinkles

Size 2" x 2", Silver chain included!

Alder is an American hardwood with a natural sparkle and a subtle grain that enhances her laser-etched designs. Local to Katy's home region here in the Northeast, it is a sustainable, durable material that gives each hand-finished tool a unique character and the stylish look and feel of real wood.
Because it is made of a natural material, the appearance of each needle gauge may slightly vary.