Katrinkles - Mix and Match Mini Tools

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These lightweight, 2.5" square tools are handy to have along, whether you tuck them inside your knitting bag or hang them from the outside for easy access. They are made of 3/16" alder hardwood and have a ball chain loop.

Set of 6 includes the following:   

- 1" Swatch Ruler Cut Out with inches and metric measurements clearly laser cut onto the front.  

- Kitchener instructions for reminding you how to graft live stitches together seamlessly. 

- Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Gauge - basic knitting needle sizes from 0 through 17 American, crochet hooks from sizes B through P and metric measurements from 2mm through 8mm.  

- Large Sized Knitting Needle Gauge - American sizes 17 through 50, metric measurements from 12mm to 25mm. Perfect if you knit lots of bulky weight yarn or make your own needles.  

- Tiny Knitting Needle Gauge - American sizes 000000 through 2.5 with metric measurements from .7mm to 3mm. Perfect for a lace or sock knitter.

- Wraps Per Inch Tool - for measuring the thickness of any yarn. Wrap the yarn into the inch-wide notch and compare the number of times your yarn fits in the slot with the key.  

Looping the ball chain through more than 6 tools is not recommended. 

Each Katrinkles item is special. Alder is an American hardwood with a natural sparkle and a subtle grain that enhances her laser-etched designs. Local to her home region in the Northeast, Alder is a sustainable, durable material that gives each hand-finished tool a unique character and the stylish look and feel of real wood.

Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each tool may vary slightly.

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