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Full Measure Farm Merino Blanket

Full Measure Farm

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Proud stockist of local yarn from Full Meadow Farm

Merino sheep grow the finest and most valuable wool of all sheep. The small flock that grew this quality wool for you is raised with TLC in the lush valley pastures of Full Measure Farm in Merryall, Connecticut. To preserve the natural sheen and resilience of this superior wool, it is GREENSPUN into yarn at a small mill in Vermont using vegetable-based soaps and oils in the washing and processing. No chemicals are used to bleach, mothproof or shrink proof. The result is a naturally soft, virtually itches yarn, ideal for baby clothes and garments that will be worn next to the skin. 

To retain the chemical-free nature of this yarn, gently hand wash in lukewarm water using vegetable-oil-based soap. Rinse thoroughly. Roll in a towel to remove excess moisture. Lay flat to dry in a well-ventilated area. Blankets and garments made with this yarn become softer with continued use.