Floops Flox tools

Color: Brighton #10


Introducing Floops Flox...with wooden tips!

Lovingly handcrafted in the mountains of Vermont.

Floops (Floppy + Loops) are a brilliant design of stitch markers and multipurpose mini-tools. They're the tools you never knew you needed but can't live without.

Stitch Marker...cable needle...stitch holder...dropped stitch fixer...small seam baster...and more! Fiber aficionados keep coming up with more uses.

Floops Flox features a bamboo tip on each end with a flexible join in the middle. Twist it into the shape you need, and it stays there until you you’re ready to move it. Each set comes with two Flox mini-tools.

Possible uses: 

  • Stitch holder
  • Classic stitch marker
  • Locking stitch marker
  • Cable needle
  • Crochet marker
  • Small seam baster
  • Dropped stitch fixer
  • ...and more!

The idea for Floops was born out of mild to moderate frustration. Mass-produced stitch markers you find on the market today are hard and coarse. Handmade stitch markers are generally lovely but just as 'blunt' — and equally hard to maneuver. I dread coming across one in my knitting — and having to scramble clumsily over it. Soft lovely knitting, soft lovely knitting and then BANG — yuck — full stop — handfuls of plastic or metal.

They won't save the world but I think you'll enjoy using them — and looking at them!


Certain images courtesy of Floops.

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