Felted Wool Dog Bones (natural colors)

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For the love of dogs...5% of what you pay is donated to the remarkable Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre in Nepal (more details below). Dogs are very drawn to the smell of the sheep's wool in these bones. Shockingly durable due to the structural strength of the densely matted wool, we are told by all of our customers that they last as long, if not longer than any other dog toys they have bought. No stress about cleaning up either...a quick hand wash will take care of any residue. As dog lovers ourselves, the staff here at Stars Hollow Yarns is thrilled to bring these felted dog bones to you.


  • Water supply for felting is rain-harvested where possible.
  • Undyed & fragrance free.


  • 16.5 cm long.

For the love of dogs...It is estimated that there are over 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu, and while there are people in the community who do try to support their neighborhood dogs, there are many illnesses, injuries and weakened dogs. It can be tough to see, especially as a dog lover, so Jenn (founder of Fibres of Life) created these dog bones as a fund generation product to help Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT). KAT is run by a volunteer board and operates a blissfully peaceful treatment centre on the outskirts of Kathmandu, as well as South Asia’s first animal ambulance to treat dogs in their communities or transport for treatment. In addition to helping dogs that are not well, KAT runs a reproduction prevention program to reduce stray dogs, and also an education program to prevent abuse of the dogs on the streets.



Photos courtesy of Fibres of Life.

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