Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush

Color: Turquoise



No batteries, no razors, no holes in your clothes. Just three fabric-friendly edges (and an über-handy lint brush) that bring your favorites back to life!

  • Edge #1: Ideal for big & bulky pills like those found on heavy woolens, blends and synthetics.

  • Edge #2: Best for medium pilling like those found on cashmere, merino and finer wools. It also works great on fleece.

  • Edge #3: Revitalizes your summer knits, t-shirts, silk blends and ultra delicates by removing fine pills.

  • Did we mention that these edges are also interchangeable with the Mini Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush?

Save your faves. 

From sweaters and suits to sofas and bedding, Gleener® helps you get the longest life from your clothing, upholstery, and linens. The 3 different Fabric Safe Edges™ eliminate pilling, lint and pet hair from virtually all fabrics. Each edge is designed to gently revive a different type of fabric, from big and bulky, to medium, and delicate. The integrated lint brush picks up pet hair, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job. Extend the life of all your faves without the need for expensive and toxic batteries. Choose Gleener® and feel good about buying less and making it last.


Picks up pet hair, dusts away dandruff and can be used to beautifully finish any de-pilling job.


The ergonomic handle with a soft over moulded grip makes de-fuzzing a cinch. Its' also battery-free, making the Gleener® fabric shaver friendlier on your wallet and the planet, a win-win.


Battery-free and easily portable thanks to the included travel pouch, you have all the tools necessary to save any fave.


Fabric shaver with integrated lint brush, 3 different edges, and storage pouch. Available in three colors: Slate Blue, Turquoise, and Burnt Orange.


Images courtesy of Gleener. 

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