Sandnes Garn Catalog 2005: Women (Summer)

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Spring and summer is the time for knitwear in lightweight cotton and linen. Here you will find women's garments in several types of lace patterns and stripes that are perfect for bright summer days. Follow our stripe combinations, or experiment with your own creativity and color choices. There are so many great colors from which to choose! Published in 2020.

This collection is knitted in Line, Tynn Line and Mandarin Petit, with sizes ranging from 2 years old to 12 years old. (Note: Tynn Line and Mandarin Petit can be used interchangeably.)

Patterns include: Peony Top, Adorable Skirt, Leaf Sweater, Striped T-Shirt, Clover Top, Adorable Top, Rainbow Sweater, Grainfield, Grainfield Cardigan, Moss Top

Yarns used in collection: 


Images courtesy of Sandnes Garn.

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