Arne & Carlos' Field Guide to Knitted Birds



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Over 40 Handmade Projects to Liven Up Your Roost

The adorable avian knitting collection from Arne & Carlos—now in paperback!

Birds of a feather ... knit together! With their trademark style, clarity, and humor, let Arne & Carlos guides you on a journey into a delightfully vivid knitted bird kingdom. Inspired by nature at home and abroad, as well as far-off fantastical places, this is the ideal guide for knitted bird lovers, whether creating with decorative purpose or just for fun.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Characters from Arne & Carlos's home garden in Norway, including the characteristic bullfinch, chickadee, wagtail, and more
  • Charming cold-weather birds worked with traditional Norwegian sweater motifs—keep them warm with bird-sized wool hats and scarves
  • Brilliant birds-of-paradise, brought alive with embroidery, sequins, and feathers
  • Birds featuring vintage Mexican embroidery designs, flower patterns, and so much more

Clear instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photographs make it easy for every knitter's imagination to take flight.

~176 pages

"From the guys who brought us 55 Christmas Balls to Knit comes this Audubon reader filled with facsimiles of our feathered friends. The field guide doesn't limit itself to real birds, but rather stresses flights of fancy: birds decorated in folk sweater patterns, wearing hats and sitting atop tea cozies ... Dig out your odd balls and embroidery floss and spread your wings. As Arne and Carlos themselves say, 'The sky's the limit.'"

~Vogue Knitting

Biographical Note: 
Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison launched their Arne & Carlos knitwear line in 2007, gaining notice with their witty reworkings of classic Scandinavian motifs--for example, intricately patterned sweaters festooned with space invaders rather than reindeer. Their brand hit big when Rei Kawakubo of cult fashion house Commes des Garçon commissioned a mini collection in 2008, followed by a line of garments for US-based Urban Outfitters in 2009, as well as Dale of Norway. Arne & Carlos were motivated to empower others to recreate their fabulous designs, so they have backburnered their ready-to-wear lines and instead travel internationally, teaching knitting classes and promoting their five books, which show knitting-lovers how to recreate Arne & Carlos' unique knitwear patterns with step-by-step instructions.

Their books are now published in fourteen languages and have sold almost half-a-million copies worldwide. Arne & Carlos have starred in features in numerous online and print publications, as well as appeared on television morning and talk shows in Scandinavia and Europe. They are charming, personable, quirky, and sophisticated--superb conversationalists and the utmost professionals.

They are the authors of the international best-selling books 55 Christmas Balls to Knit; Easter Knits; Knitted Dolls; Knit-and-Crochet Garden, Norwegian Knits with a Twist, 30 Slippers to Knit and Felt, Make Your Own Ideabook with Arne & Carlos, Field Guide to Knitted Birds, and Arne & Carlos' Favorite Designs also available from Trafalgar Square Books. Their creative base is in the Valdres region of Norway, north of Oslo.


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