Malabrigo Book 14 - Mechita & Sock



15 patterns using Mechita and Sock (yarns may be used interchangeably).

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  • Wei Wilkins
  • Laura Zukaite
  • Yoko Hatta
  • Jacob Seifert
  • Julie Turjoman
  • Karin Fernandes
  • Laura Zukaite
  • Cory Ellen Boberg
  • Debbie O´Neill
  • Hanna Maciejewska
  • Anne Jones
  • Florence Spurling
  • Jo Allport
  • Hannah Wallace
  • Alexandra Davidoff Studio

PLEASE NOTE: We kindly ask that you purchase enough yarn for a project when ordering this pattern booklet. Refer to the pattern information (or ask us for help!) to determine yardage requirements.

Images courtesy of Malabrigo.

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