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A staff and customer favorite — a lovely gift for anyone with tired, arthritic and/or dry hands! Lanolin, a by-product from sheep, is a renewable resource. Safe, earth-friendly and fragrance-free, it is perfect for a wide range of personal skin care applications, protecting the skin against drying effects of wind and cold. Just as it does for the sheep, lanolin helps to heal the skin. 

Cestari Sheep and Wool Co. is a small family-owned and operated American manufacturer of knitting and crocheting yarn that prides itself on preserving and promoting US-made wool and cotton goods. All of their sheep & wool products are grown and processed in the US. 

Note: In a scientific study of 825,000 people, only six were found to be allergic to lanolin. 

Small: 2 oz bottle
Large: 4 oz bottle

Bottled and packaged by Cestari Sheep & Wool Company.


Images courtesy of Cestari Sheep & Wool Co

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