Star Rewards FAQ

What are Star Rewards?

Whenever you purchase anything from Stars Hollow Yarns you’ll earn Star Rewards. Accumulate enough and you’ll earn a discount!

How do I earn Star Rewards?

With every dollar you spend, you earn two Star Rewards. The more Star Rewards you accrue, the more your points are worth:

  • 500 Star Rewards = $5 off
  • 1000 Star Rewards = $10 off
  • 1500 Star Rewards = Free shipping
  • 2500 Star Rewards = $25 off

Star Rewards never expire, and they have no cash value.

Are there other ways I can earn Star Rewards?

There are many other ways to earn:

  • Via the Star Rewards panel, get 200 points each for signing up and celebrating a birthday. Valid once per customer.
  • Follow / Like / Share us and our posts on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for 50 points each. Valid once per customer.
  • Refer a friend! Via the Star Rewards panel, share a unique-to-you link to our shop with a friend. They’ll get an offer for 15% off their first purchase, and once they complete a purchase using that offer, you’ll get 1,000 Star Rewards! You can refer as many friends as you like.

How do I sign up?

Star Rewards are automatically connected to your Stars Hollow Yarns Account online. If you don’t yet have an account, create one!

What if I use more than one email address?

We can’t combine points from different accounts or different email addresses, so now is a good time to choose which email address you want to use when shopping and/or for your Stars Hollow Yarns Account on

Can I use Star Rewards online without an account?

The only way to use Star Rewards is through your Stars Hollow Yarns Account. But don’t worry! An account is super easy to set up. And it has other benefits.

How do I track my Star Rewards?

Whenever you're on our site, just click the star icon in the bottom-right corner or log into My Account and look for My Star Rewards. Your total rewards to date will appear in either place.

How do I redeem my Star Rewards?

Again, simply click the star icon or log into My Account and look for My Star Rewards. Follow the prompts to get a discount code. At checkout, there is a box where you can add Gift Cards and Discount codes.

Please note:

  • On each order, you can use many Gift Card codes AND one (only one!) Discount Code. Your Star Rewards code is a Discount Code.
  • You can only use one Discount code on each order. When you click “Apply”, the box will display the last code you entered.
  • If we are running an automatic promotion (such as a sitewide sale), discount codes will not be accepted, including Star Rewards. 

Important points about Star Rewards

You’ll find these details helpful:

  • Use only one email address. If you use two or more, you’ll have multiple sets of Star Rewards and they can’t be combined.
  • You must have a Stars Hollow Yarns Account to earn points or use your discount(s).
  • Every single dollar you spend earns two Star Rewards.
  • You can use your discount code(s) on everything except buying a Gift Card.


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