A woman with mid-length reddish-brown hair sits on a leather sofa, wearing black pants and a Ranunculus top (designed by Midori Hirose) knit in Shibui Knits Silk Cloud held together with Cima, color: Pollen
Lightweight (lace to fingering — held on its own, doubled, or with another yarn)
      Mid-weight (sport to DK)
      • Wool-free:
      • Wool and animal fiber blends:
        • Stolen Stitches Nua Sport
        • Julie Asselin Journey Sport
        • The Fibre Co. Acadia
      Heavy weight (worsted and up)


      Try adding a strand of one of the yarns below, to add some texture, softness, and warmth...



        Image courtesy of Nicky Grivois (Stars Hollow Yarns community member). Ranunculus design by Midori Hirose. Yarn: Silk Cloud and Cima by Shibui Knits, held together, in color Pollen. Click here to view Nicky's project on Ravelry.


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