Back in February 2021, shortly after the (latest) issues surrounding former Managing Director Ryan Fitzgerald and the company's problematic behavior and business practices were brought to light, I spoke with newly promoted Quince & Co. Co-Directors Stesha and Emily. At the time, it sounded like they were on track to make real changes in the company.

In the past (under Pam Allen's leadership), I had admired and respected Quince & Co. for its use of sustainable, local, organic products, its forward-thinking approach toward environmental responsibility, and its stated intention to be inclusive and diverse. It was a small, US-based company founded by a woman and, until recently, had been owned by a woman as well...right up our alley, I thought! In fact, since opening Stars Hollow Yarns, I've working toward becoming a flagship store and was en route to achieving that goal (hence our fairly substantial inventory). 

However, last February I was faced with a difficult decision: Should we sell off our existing inventory immediately (as many others did), or wait to see if the company would do more than lip service this time? Our shop just was not in a position to take that big of a hit financially, so I opted to give Stesha and Emily a chance to prove themselves. That said, I did decide to hold off on my next order until changes were made.

Unfortunately, after many months (and despite my optimism), I have seen no evidence that Quince & Co. has taken any meaningful action toward reform. So I have decided that Stars Hollow Yarns will no longer carry Quince & Co. or Twig & Horn products in our shop. What you see in stock is what we have available...we will not place any further orders and these items are final sale (not eligible for return).

Click here for a list of alternative yarns.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do let us know. We thank you again for your continued support.

~Lisa Clark
Owner and Founder of Stars Hollow Yarns

Note: Books and kits are not included in the 20% off sale.


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