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Showing 169 - 192 of 192 products
Movie Night Sock (pattern)
Knitspot Hypoteneuse
Sale price$7.00
Hourglass ThrowHourglass Throw
Knitspot Hourglass Throw
Sale price$7.00
Gearhead (pattern)Gearhead (pattern)
Knitspot Gearhead (pattern)
Sale price$8.00
Alhambra Scarf (pattern)
The Weekender (pattern)The Weekender (pattern)
Ramble ShawlRamble Shawl
Everyway ShawlEveryway Shawl
Birds of a Feather shawl (pattern)Birds of a Feather shawl (pattern)
Nowthen Wrap (pattern)Nowthen Wrap (pattern)
Callaway Cable Scarf (pattern)Callaway Cable Scarf (pattern)
Blackberry Mitts pattern
Swans Island Blackberry Mitts pattern
Sale price$7.20 Regular price$8.00
Bailey Island Mitts patternBailey Island Mitts pattern
Swans Island Bailey Island Mitts pattern
Sale price$4.80 Regular price$6.00
Alden Pullover patternAlden Pullover pattern
Swans Island Alden Pullover pattern
Sale price$8.00 Regular price$10.00
Mt. Katahdin Cowl pattern
Dockside Cardigan patternDockside Cardigan pattern
Swans Island Dockside Cardigan pattern
Sale price$6.00 Regular price$8.00
Boo Boo Bottoms & Tiny Topper (pattern)Boo Boo Bottoms & Tiny Topper (pattern)
New in Town (pattern)
Can-Do Cardi PatternCan-Do Cardi Pattern

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